Crutches are used to provide support and stability in short and long term injuries. The crutches can provide extra balance and minimize the amount of weight one bear on one of the legs.


Axillary Crutches are normally recommended for a short term injury.


Forearm Crutches are normally used in long term injury or disability which allows one to be more active. These are more expensive but relatively easier for everyday use, including climbing stairs.



Axillary crutches are braced on the ribs about four fingers under the armpits, while pointing the tips away from the body on the sides at an angle. This is to protect the nerves under the arms. This is uncomfortable but one will build tolerance in the rib area as one uses the crutches.


It is important to start out taking small steps.

Injury in one leg:

1st step- Place the crutches in front of you.

2nd step-Move the affected leg first, lining up the foot with the crutches.

3rd step- Move the unaffected leg, lining up the foot with the crutches and the other foot.

Then repeat the three-step process.

Injury in both legs:

The crutches are used as two canes. One moves the leg and opposite arm/crutch at the same time.